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A Decent Podcast

Welcome, welcome! So glad you could join us for a podcast unlike any other! We can't promise this will be the best podcast you've ever heard, we can only guarantee it's decent. On this show, Kaitie Zhee will be hosting fascinating guests from all corners of culture + blockchain. We know blockchain technology is on track to transform the world as we know it, but we want to get right to the heart of it as it's transforming our very culture such as sports, music, gaming, virtual reality, art, fashion, and even the collective consciousness.We believe in a fairer, more balanced, more transparent, more democratized, and more decent[ralized] world.Are you ready to join us on the adventure as we explore these topics and more? -- Follow us on Twitter and Instagram -- https://twitter.com/adecentpodcast -- https://intagram.com/adecentpodcast -- Subscribe to Zhee's Weekly Newsletter to receive more podcast content, updates, and behind the scenes stuff -- https://tinyletter.com/zhee